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Find Creative Solutions

Art Therapy is a highly effective form of therapy that increases insight and self-awareness to develop creative responses to life's challenges. Anyone is able to participate and no art experience is necessary to be able to benefit. If you're interested in giving it a go, be in touch to find out more or make an appointment.

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Vitality for Women

Want to improve your confidence and feel good in your relationships, parenting, body or career? I love supporting women to find their centre and live with vitality and wellbeing on all levels. If you'd like to discuss how I can support you to shine, please be in touch.

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A Happier, Healthier You

Feeling lonely, down, stressed or overwhelmed? Everyone needs support at times and it might be time to reach out for help. In Individual Therapy sessions, I can offer personalised support unique to you and your situation. I'd love to hear from you so we can discuss how I can assist.

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Connect Wherever You Are

You can bring support into your life, where ever you might be. If you can't meet regularly in person, online sessions are a great way to connect. You can call or message me to get in touch or find out more about how easy it is.